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VCI2000® Poly VCI Packaging comes in a variety of forms such as VCI Bags, VCI Zipper bags, VCI Gusset Bag, VCI heat Sealable Bag, VCI Recloseable Bags, VCI Antistaic bags, VCI Shrink bags, VCI Bubble bags, VCI Foam bags, VCI Wicketed bags and Custom Size Bags. VCI2000 Bags offer excellent protection for ferrous and none ferrous metals, VCI2000 Bags are 100% Nitrite Free Comply with: NATO # 6580.32.076.1091, MIL-PRF-22019E & MIL-PRF-22020E


vci paper

We offer a wide selection of VCI Packaging papers for the industry. Our VCI papers treated with 100% Nitrite free chemistry will prevent corrosion on the protected metals for many years without need for expensive coatings or ineffective methods such as desiccants. Simply store or ship the metal parts in VCI paper. Parts will stay clean, dry and rust-free. Our papers can be converted into sheets & wraps for individual parts,


VCI Emitter Pack # 15

VCI Emitters contain a unique Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI)  which protects ferrous and most non-ferrous metals against corrosion, oxidation, tarnish and discoloration. VCI Emitters provide an extremely efficient method of dry preservation of metal parts within an enclosed space. The VCI vaporizes and then adsorbs on all metal surfaces within the space, reaching even the most difficult to reach recesses and interior voids.




VCI2000® offer a large selection of VCI Packaging products such as: VCI bags, VCI Gusseted bags, VCI Papers, VCI Emitters. VCI Packaging systems VCI2000® films tested according to military specification MIL-PRF-22019E by an independent lab in Germany (The University of Hamburg) It is the first time a Nitrite Free VCI Film is performing according to spec MIL-PRF-22019E