Corrosion Test Method to Evaluate the Vapor-Inhibiting Ability corrosion test method

enter VIA Test Method is a Laboratory Test to Evaluate the Vapor-Inhibiting Ability (VIA) of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Materials for Temporary Protection of Ferrous Metal Surfaces, Our test method evaluates the vapor-inhibiting ability (VIA) of various forms of VCI materials for temporary corrosion protection of ferrous metal surfaces. The VIA corrosion test method provides for standard conditions in a test jar of water-saturated, warm air without the presence of accelerating contaminants. This test method evaluates the combination of (1) vapor transport across a gap containing air, water vapor, and VCI, and (2)corrosion protection. This test method uses two standard low-carbon steels as representative of the broad class of ferrous metals. An optional compatibility check that can be performed to determine whether a VCI-treated barrier material (e.g., film, paper) that is intended for temporary protection of ferrous metals causes corrosion of copper is included. The test method is based largely on U.S. MIL-STD-3010A, Test Method 4031,1 with modifications and options from related standard.

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MIL-PRF-22019E & MIL-PRF-22020E


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Nail corrosion test method

Our simple nail corrosion test evaluate the VCI protection ability in two ways (1) contact corrosion protection in water and (2) The Vapor-Inhibiting Ability in the atmosphere above water.