VCI Slider Zipper Bags

VCI Slider Zipper Bags provide an efficient and reliable way to open and close the bag.  They are highly reliable and easy to use; a most convenient way to close or open the bag, VCI Slider Zipper bags are made with the latest polymer technology and Impregnated in low temperature with vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCI’s) to protect ferrous and most non-ferrous metals from corrosion. VCI Slider Zipper bags provide superior corrosion protection. bags protect  metal parts against the corrosive effects of moisture, salt and other contaminants in storage or transit.

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The slow release vapor action protects the exterior as well as hard-to-reach interior surfaces. It is self-healing and will provide 24 months of long-term protection for storage and overseas shipments. Simply pack the metal object and seal the bag, The VCI on the film volatilizes and migrates with air then condenses on all metal surfaces, reaching all exposed and recessed areas. METALS PROTECTED
Carbon steels, stainless steels, copper, brass, aluminum, silver, galvanized steel,

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Easy to open and close
Transparent for easy inspection
Eliminate cleaning after storage



VCI Slider Zipper Bags provide the most efficient and reliable way to protect Hand guns, Rifles, Fire arm & ammunition against Rust & Corrosion